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A Visit from SODI!

In Sempember 2023, SODI! Asia’s project manager Lisann Fried visited CTRD Trust for 2 weeks to see the progress and impact of its projects on the ground. She also met with the staff and beneficiaries of CTRD Trust and learned about their challenges and achievements.

SODI! is a German non-governmental organization that supports sustainable development projects. SODI! has been a long-term partner and donor of CTRD Trust, providing funds for various projects such as kitchen gardens, organic green tea cultivation and processing, horticulture, evening schools for the Adivasi children etc.

Lisann was warmly welcomed by the CTRD Trust staff on their campus in Ealamanna. She was surprised by a demonstration of the beekeeping project. She also tasted some of the delicious honey.

After that, Lisann attended the inauguration ceremony of two new buildings constructed by CTRD Trust on their campus, supported by SODI!. Lisann congratulated CTRD Trust for their efforts and achievements in improving their infrastructure and facilities.

In the following days, Lisann visited some of the tribal villages supported by CTRD Trust in different parts of the Nilgiri District. She interacted with the tribal people and witnessed their living conditions, culture and traditions. She also gained insights into some of the projects implemented by CTRD Trust in these villages.

One of these projects is Income Generation Through The Cultivation And Processing Of Organic Green Tea, which aims to enhance the livelihoods of tribal families by involving them in organic green tea production. Lisann visited some of the tea gardens cultivated by the tribal farmers under organic standards and learned about their practices and challenges. She also visited the CTRD Trust tea factory, which is supposed to be restored soon.

Lisann also visited some of the horticulture projects implemented by CTRD Trust in various tribal villages. These projects aim to improve the food security and nutrition of the families by promoting kitchen gardens, fruit orchards, medicinal plants, etc. Lisann saw how CTRD Trust has provided seeds, saplings, tools and training to the tribal people to grow various vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices in their backyards or common lands. She learned that these projects not only increase the availability and diversity of food for consumption or sale, but also enhance the health and well-being of the tribal people.

Besides visiting these projects, Lisann also visited M’s Hospital, a private hospital that has established a special ward for the treatment of the tribal people. She learned that CTRD Trust has collaborated with M’s Hospital to provide free or subsidized health care services to the tribal people, who often suffer from various diseases and ailments due to poor sanitation, malnutrition and lack of awareness. She appreciated the efforts of CTRD Trust and M’s Hospital in improving their health status. The project aims to enhance the health and well-being of the Adivasi communities by detecting and managing sickle cell anemia. By conducting regular medical camps with an ambulance and trained staff, the project collects blood samples from the villagers and tests them for sickle cell anemia in the hospital

Lisann’s visit to CTRD Trust was a memorable and enriching experience for all of us. She was inspired by the positive changes and impacts that CTRD Trust has brought to the lives of the tribal and rural communities through its various projects and programs. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation to CTRD Trust for their hospitality and cooperation. She also assured them of her continued support and partnership in the future.

CTRD Trust is grateful to SODI! Asia for their visit and their generous support over the years. It is also thankful to all its other donors, partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries for their trust and collaboration. It hopes to continue its mission and vision of empowering the tribal and rural people of the Nilgiri District for a better and brighter future.

Lisann Fried was impressed by the work and dedication of CTRD Trust and praised the quality and taste of the honey, the architecture and equipment of the new buildings on the campus, the traditional instruments and clothing of the Tribals, and the hospitality of the people. She thanked CTRD Trust for the invitation and the warm welcome and promised to continue to promote cooperation with SODI!.

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