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Empowering tribal and rural communities in Nilgiri District

The Centre for Tribal and Rural Development (CTRD) Trust is a dedicated voluntary organization. For three decades we have been working on projects and programs that aim to promote and strengthen the livelihood, welfare and development of the marginalized and disadvanaged tribal and rural communities of the Nilgiri and Coimbatore Districts.




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The Live Of The Adivasis

The Adivasis are the original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent, who have been living in various regions for centuries. One of these regions is the Nilgiris, a mountain range in southern India, which is part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. The Nilgiris is home to seven primitive tribal groups, who all have a low population and are distinguished by their own language, religion, art and way of life. The Adivasis in the Nilgiris have a close relationship with nature and live in harmony with their environment. They use the resources of the land and the forests sustainably and respectfully. 7 villages are located in the Coimbatore District, the Palamalai community.

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How We Empower Tribal Communities

Kitchen Garden Project

The project is supporting the tribal communities in the establishment of organic kitchen gardens by providing the necessary equipment and knowledge. The beneficiaries receive training on proper cultivation techniques, including sowing, pruning and maintaining the garden.

The project seeks to alleviate poverty and to promote sustainable livelihoods by generating income for Adivasi small-scale tea farmers through the cultivation of organic and fair traded Green Tea.

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kitchen garden

kitchen garden

Distribution of agricultural equipment's.
Empowering Adivasis with Renewable Energy: A Visit by GreenAP and OCOL

Empowering Adivasis with Renewable Energy: A Visit by GreenAP and OCOL

From March 9th to March 11th, Mr. Georg Amshoff from Green Energy Against Poverty (GreenAP)  visited the CTRD Trust. The purpose of this visit was to witness firsthand the impact of renewable energy systems like solar lights installed by CTRD in Adivasi communities. The Adivasi communities in the Nilgiris face…
Interview with SODI’s “Weitwinkel” Magazine

Interview with SODI’s “Weitwinkel” Magazine

The jubilee edition of "Weitwinkel" focuses on the halfway point of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. What experiences do you have with these goals, and do they have significance for your work? The Centre for Tribal and Rural Development (CTRD), founded in 1988, aims to promote the development of Adivasi…

Who we support

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We have recently published a new brochure that highlights their projects aimed at empowering women and children, improving health and education, infrastructure such as water supply and housing and providing micro pensions for people in these communities.

About Us

Our Sustainable Developement Goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations’ 193 member states in September 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The SDGs consist of 169 targets and are a universal agreement to end poverty and all its dimensions, and to create a just, secure, and equal world for people, planet, and prosperity. CTRD Trust considers five of these goals particularly important:

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RS Ranganathen


A Few Words From The Founder

The journey of 46 years of professional experience in the development sector started in 1977 with General Employees Union Supported by International Federation of Plantation Agriculture and Allied Workers (IFPAW) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) for coffee plantation laborers in Coorg District, Karnataka. Five years of extensive work for the welfare of the poor coffee labors laid a concrete foundation for my future as development sector career to serve the most vulnerable and poor communities. My experience as a field level social worker in drought prone Ramnad district with the rural workers organization for three years helped me to understand and to take initiatives to fight against poverty, illiteracy, health issues and livelihood based problems.cIn 1988, with a vision of development of the primitive tribal groups and rural poor communities in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu I founded the Center for Tribals and Rural Development Trust.


Center for Tribals and rural development trust

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