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CTRD Trust has been implementing various projects and activities related to water conservation, rainwater harvesting, watershed management, sanitation and hygiene promotion, and climate change adaptation, with the support of various donors and partners. We are connected to various networks that share its vision and mission of ensuring water security and sustainability for all.

The interest and importance of rainwater harvesting have grown in the South Asia region in recent years. In September 2006, the Government of Sri Lanka hosted a Regional Forum on Rainwater Harvesting in the city of Kandy. The regional forum was attended by the Ministers of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) responsible for water matters, in addition to professionals and local practitioners. e.

IWP aims to promote efficient water management in India by bringing together various stakeholders such as government agencies, NGOs, and private sector entities. The organization focuses on several thrust areas such as water governance, climate change, and water security. CTRD’s role in the IWP network is to provide technical expertise and knowledge on water management practices in dryland areas.

Skål International offers local and global networking opportunities, access to the Global Skål Database to extend your business contacts and promotes seminars and conferences to strengthen the industry’sL professionalism.  KÅL International India is a travel & tourism association that boasts amongst its membership corporate leaders and professionals across verticals – from hospitality, travel agents & tour operators, ground transport and onwards to aviation, tourism education, tourism boards, Government and more.
The Non-Governmental Organizations working for the improvement of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) got together as a Network and created a platform to share, learn and work for addressing the challenges related to sanitation in the State of Tamil Nadu in India. The continuous interaction and discourse led by like-minded NGO’s and a strong desire to come together in caring for our community and environment resulted in the formation of the network platform. 

Farmers Producer Company (FPO): FPO is a type of Producer Organization (PO) where farmers are its members and owners. FPOs aim to enhance the income and livelihood of small and marginal farmers by providing them access to markets, finance, technology, inputs, and services. FPOs also enable farmers to have a collective voice and bargaining power in the agricultural sector. CTRD Trust has been promoting and supporting FPOs in its operational areas, by facilitating their formation, registration, capacity building, business planning, and linkages with various stakeholders