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Education is a key factor for the empowerment and development of the Adivasi communities in the Nilgiri region. However, many Adivasi children face various challenges that hinder their educational opportunities and achievements. One of these challenges is the lack of access to reliable and affordable electricity, which affects their ability to study and do homework at night. To address this issue, CTRD Trust has partnered with GSE, a German student organization, to implement a project that provides solar lights to the Adivasi families.

our main goals

Since 2016 CTRD is collaborating with the GSE. This organization collected money to finance solar lights that were bought by CTRD and provided to tribal families, whose children go to school. Until now, around 200 solar lights have been handed over with a co-payment in diverse villages. The solar lights secure light in the evening independent from electricity which enables children to read and write under adequate conditions and fulfill their tasks and responsibilities to sustain a proper education.

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Support our initiative to uplift Adivasi tea farmers by promoting sustainable and organic Green Tea cultivation. 

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