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The Shamdasani Foundation is dedicated to serving the underprivileged and destitute in India. Since 2015, they have been a valuable supporter of the CTRD Trust, actively contributing to various projects. Notably, their assistance has significantly impacted the following areas:

  1. Tribal Children Education: The Shamdasani Foundation has played a crucial role in supporting education for tribal children. By providing notebooks and essential educational resources, they ensure that children from tribal communities have the tools they need to learn and thrive.

  2. Elderly Support: Additionally, the Shamdasani Foundation has extended its support to elderly individuals. They have facilitated access to medicine and clothing, addressing critical needs for this vulnerable population.

  3. Eye Camps: Recognizing the importance of eye health, the Shamdasani Foundation collaborates with CTRD in implementing the Strengthening Networks for Eye Health and Advocacy (SNEHA) project. Through this initiative, comprehensive eye care is provided to local people, including eye screenings and necessary interventions.

The combined efforts of the Shamdasani Foundation and the CTRD Trust have made a significant impact on the lives of those they serve, fostering education, health, and well-being in the community