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Many tribal communities in India face the challenge of food insecurity, which affects their health and well-being. To address this issue, CTRD, a local NGO, has partnered with SODI, a German development organization, to implement two innovative projects: beekeeping and banana fibre extraction. These projects aim to provide the tribal families with additional sources of income, enabling them to purchase more food and improve their nutrition.

our main goals

The main goal of these projects is to enhance the food security of the tribal communities by increasing their economic resources. By providing them with beehives and training in beekeeping, the projects enable the families to produce and sell their own honey, which is a highly nutritious and valuable product. Moreover, the projects help to conserve the environment and biodiversity by promoting the propagation of bees, which are essential for pollination.

Another goal of these projects is to create a sustainable market for banana fibre, which is extracted from the waste stems of banana plants. CTRD has set up a factory that processes the banana fibre and sells it to textile industries, generating income for the tribal communities. The factory also provides employment opportunities for the local people, especially women, who are involved in the fibre extraction process.

Support our initiative to uplift Adivasi tea farmers by promoting sustainable and organic Green Tea cultivation. 

more Projects

Kitchen Garden Project

supporting the communities in the establishment of organic kitchen gardens

Solar Lightning Project​

provide access to education and electricity for the tribal children.

Palamalai Tribal Developement Project​

enhance the living conditions the Palamalai tribal community

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