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Housing is a basic human need and a right, but many Adivasi communities in the Nilgiri region lack adequate and safe shelter. Their houses are made of natural materials that are vulnerable to weather, pests, and wildlife. Moreover, they lack proper sanitation facilities, which expose them to health risks and environmental hazards. To address this issue, CTRD Trust has partnered with GSE, a German student organization, to implement a project that provides weather-proof houses and solar lights to the Adivasi families in the Narangamoola Village.

our main goals

The main goal of this project is to improve the living conditions and dignity of the Adivasi communities by providing them with weather-proof houses and solar lights. By providing tools, materials, and knowledge, the project supports the construction of … houses in the Narangamoola Village, where … families live in overcrowded and unsafe huts. The project also involves the participation and empowerment of the beneficiaries, who are involved in the planning and construction process. Moreover, the project provides solar lights to the school-going children, who can use them to study and do homework at night.

Supported by

Support our initiative to uplift Adivasi tea farmers by promoting sustainable and organic Green Tea cultivation. 

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