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Project details

The GENIE CSOs for Climate Ventures project is an initiative led by the Gender Enabling Network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Civil Society Organizations (GENIE CSOs). Supported by TREC-STEP and the European Union, the project focuses on empowering tribal women in the Nilgiri district through a three-day Entrepreneurship Development Programme. The program aims to enhance the livelihoods of tribal communities by providing training on climate change-related women entrepreneurship.

Dates and Venue:

  • Date: 15.11.2023 to 17.11.2023

Introduction: The training commenced with a session on climate change for women entrepreneurs, beginning at 10:30 am on the first day. Notable attendees included Mrs. Devaki (Program Manager-CTRD Trust), Mr. RS Ranganathen (Managing Trustee-CTRD Trust), Mr. L Senthilkumar (Deputy Superintendent Of Police-Devala), and other distinguished guests. The event aimed to address the challenges faced by tribal communities in the Nilgiri district, with a particular focus on boosting entrepreneurship opportunities.

Key Highlights:

  • Inauguration by lighting the lamp with tribal women beneficiaries and CTRD Trust staff.
  • Distribution of entrepreneurship handbooks and kits to participants.
  • Focus on industries such as beekeeping, banana fiber extraction, and green tea manufacturing.
  • Inspirational speech by Miss Tasmin on Afghan women entrepreneurs in saffron production.
  • Training sessions conducted by Mr. Jude Martin (Entrepreneurship Master Trainer) on essential business skills.
  • Insights from Mr. Selvaraj (District-Credit Mentor-Dic-Ooty) on government support and subsidies.
  • Practical guidance from Ms. Ajana & Ms. Aswathy on banking transactions for business growth.
  • Mrs. Baby Reeta’s session on the potential of poultry farming as a lucrative business.

Project Statement: The project emphasizes the need for in-depth research on products, pricing strategies, and financial management. Participants are encouraged to explore diverse entrepreneurial opportunities and leverage government support for business development.

Day-wise Summary:

Day 1:

  • Introduction and inauguration.
  • Overview of the training program and its objectives.
  • Insightful speech by Miss Tasmin on empowerment through entrepreneurship.
  • Training session by Mr. Jude Martin on crucial business skills.

Day 2:

  • Guidance from Ms. Ajana & Ms. Aswathy on banking transactions and business expansion.
  • Exploration of market opportunities for product development and pricing strategies.

Day 3:

  • Mrs. Baby Reeta’s session on the potential of poultry farming.
  • Presentation by German students, Ms. Tasmin and Ms. Lia, on the success of FPO and Adivasi collaboration.
  • Tribal women sharing experiences and planning for future endeavors.

Thanks Giving: The executive director of CTRD Trust, Mr. RS. Ranganathen, expressed gratitude to all participants, practitioners, CTRD staff, and TREC-STEP for their involvement. He highlighted the importance of the gained knowledge in shaping the future endeavors of the participants.

The GENIE CSOs for Climate Ventures project aims to equip tribal women with the skills and knowledge necessary to lead successful businesses, contributing to the economic development of the Nilgiri district.

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