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Empowering Adivasis with Renewable Energy: A Visit by GreenAP and OCOL

From March 9th to March 11th, Mr. Georg Amshoff from Green Energy Against Poverty (GreenAP)  visited the CTRD Trust. The purpose of this visit was to witness firsthand the impact of renewable energy systems like solar lights installed by CTRD in Adivasi communities. The Adivasi communities in the Nilgiris face numerous challenges, including animal conflicts with elephants, tigers, and leopards. These conflicts often occur during the night, making access to reliable lighting crucial for their safety and well-being. Recognizing this need, CTRD has been working tirelessly to provide sustainable solutions. During the visit, Mr. Amshoff and his colleagues, Dr. Ranga Bodavala from the One Child One Light Foundation (OCOL) and Mr. Suba Rao, had the opportunity to examine a prototype of the solar lights installed by CTRD. These solar lights are strategically placed in Adivasi villages, illuminating pathways, homes, and communal spaces. Symbolically, a small solar handheld light was gifted to each village visited, signifying hope and progress.

The visit extended beyond solar lighting. The delegation explored other initiatives implemented by CTRD, including the Biogas Project: In tribal villages, sustainable energy sources are essential. CTRD’s biogas project harnesses organic waste to produce clean energy for cooking and lighting. The team witnessed firsthand how biogas plants are transforming lives and reducing dependence on traditional fuels. 

Community Kitchens play a vital role in addressing food security for the Adivasi families. The delegation visited several kitchens, interacting with women who manage these facilities and discussing how to improve the stoves.

CTRD is deeply grateful for this invaluable collaboration and looks forward to a promising shared future.

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