CTRD Trust

Dr. Siegfried Ziegler & Ilona Paul

We are a retired couple from Munich with a passion for travel. Having visited India thrice, we have developed a deep appreciation for the country’s rich culture and heritage. As part of the Palamalai Development Project in the first phase, we collaborated with the CTRD to provide family solar lights to 185 families across 7 tribal villages in the Coimbatore district. These solar lights offer numerous benefits, including providing light for children’s evening studies.

Enhancing Safety with Street Lights In February 2024, we continued our efforts by donating 25 street lights to the tribal villages (2nd phase of the project). These lights serve as protection against animal conflicts in the region, including encounters with elephants, tigers, and leopards. We are proud to support the CTRD Trust and its mission to empower tribal and rural communities in the Nilgiris and Coimbatore regions. The Palamalai community has been instrumental in making this initiative possible.